Aviation, piloting or anything related to aeronautics that interests you, welcome to the Angouleme flying club.

If you want to :

  • Feel the excitement of a pilot sitting in one of the 8 aircrafts or 2 ULM, visit their facilities (flight school, mechanical and construction workshop, fleet hangar) or find out about activities…

Come and meet the members of the flying club on their premises !

  • Discover Angouleme and its surroundings in the different way, fly overyour house or your village either alone or with your familly or find an original gift idea for loved ones…

Contact the flying club for a personalized first flight !

  • Take a pilot test…

Contact the flying club for an initiation flight with one of the instructors !

  • Learn to fly to obtain a pilot’s license allowing you to travel alone, with familly or with friends, throughout France and even in Europe…

Contact the flying club to make an appointment with secretary or one of the instructors !

  • Discover the aeronautical activity and its trades for free for young people (13 to 20 years old) in extracurricular time by studying for the Aeronautical Initiation Certificate (Diploma of National Education). It will be 40 hours of lessons and practical work on airplanes and 3 educational discovery flights for this training scheduled for the school year from September to May. Registration before the end of the summer holidays.

Consult the BIA space on the flying club website : www.aeroclub-angouleme.fr or contact secretary (05 45 69 88 22).

The Angouleme Flying Club is a recognized association (law 1901) of general interest. As such, it develops a strong educational activity and social connection with passionate leaders and instructors. It endeavors to highlight the many professionalization opportunities available in this sector often unknown.

The Flying Club is located in Champniers, at Angouleme-Cognac Airport.

Secretary opening hours: weekdays Tuesday to saturday from 2:30 p.m to 6 p.m

Téléphone : 05 45 69 88 22
Mail : accueil@aeroclub-angouleme.fr
Site :

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