The night flights of the Airbus Flight Academy Europe flight school resumed since September 28, 2021 break down as follows:

  • Evening night flights are scheduled on Tuesdays and Thursdays of each week when the weather permits;
  • Evenings night flights start at nightfall and end at around 10:45 pm;
  • The night flight period is expected to end around mid-November 2021 depending on the weather factor.

Weather conditions may vary the scheduled days set out above or extend the period defined beyond November 18, 2021.

AIRBUS has opened its Flight Academy Europe on the Angouleme-Cognac Airport site and has extended its training offer to cadets.

With its ab-initio pilot cadet training program, Airbus completes the intermediate and advanced training phases already available via its training network.

Airbus Flight Academy Europe relies on a fleet of modern single and twin engines and an Airbus instructor team, enabling the development of technical skills and the “know how to be” essential for future pilots.

If you want to join the program and go through the selection process, go to the website.

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